Friday, November 5, 2010

So haven't posted in a long long time, and unfortunately no mix for you yet. But this is the first post of November and possibly the most important thing to happen this month was the release of Native Instruments S4 which is in one word amazing...looking. I have only read reviews (and watched ALL the youtube videos). The plan is to get one of these units ASAP as it not only has amazing hardware but also comes with the new S4 programme.

So music wise this winter for me has all been about dubstep and uk rap (and of course electro)
Right now my favorite tunes would have to be
The Recluse (Nero Remix)
High Rankin-Don't Carry on Like a Rudeboy when Daddy's got a Yacht
Devlin- Runaway
Skrillex-My Name is Skrillex
Killer (jean Elan Mix)

To finish off the post I'm going to leave you with Ean Golden a Footpedal and an S4