The DJs

Anticitizen One

Spins: Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House
Hails from: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Gear: Hercules DJ Console RMX & Traktor Pro

I started listening to electronic music when I was a freshman in high school. It started out with Techno and Hard Trance, then into psy-trance and now I'm into other types of trance and house as well. Since I started listening to the genre I've always wanted to DJ but could never afford any type of equipment during high school. After my first year at Bowling Green State University I was finally able to afford a DJ console. I didn't want to spend too much money on equipment in case I ever changed my mind about DJing. However I do not see myself ever getting into any other genre of music as much as I like trance so I plan on eventually getting a full setup. I do not think I will ever make it big but I will go where ever it takes me.


Spins: Electro, House, Trance, Top 40, Latin.
Hails from: Toronto, Canada.
Gear: Macbook Pro 13", Vestax Spin, Traktor Pro, Audio 2 DJ Soundcard, Sony MDR-V700 Headphones.

Began Spinning in early 2009 in my University Dorm Room.  Been doing mostly House parties, and small functions for family and friends.  Been working hard to get a spot in a local bar or club, only time will tell, where I'll end up.
Demo by BMO



Spins: Trance, Progressive, some House and Electro
Hails from: Cincinnati, Ohio (but I live in Bowling Green)
Gear: At the moment I run two Pioneer CDJ400s through a Behringer x700 mixer (slash a huge piece of shit). For my live sets, I run the master out through a KP3 for extra effects and to be honest, cooler looking touchpad interaction with my sets for the audience. . .

I have been DJing since the fall of 09 and listening to Trance and Progressive since 06/07. At this point a daydream is to eventually get good enough to make a living off of DJing and Producing haha. Whatever.

Vocal Trance Shuffle @ Radio Mixology 128 by dj-empe2


Hails from:


Spins: House, Sick Dirty Dubstep, Dutch House and in your face Electro
Hails from: Galway/Dublin Ireland
Gear: Acer Aspire 5810T, Traktor Pro, Numark Omni Control, 2x Technics 1210 MK2, HD 25's

Starting to get some bigger gigs these days which is good. All started in September of 08 with a cracked version of VDJ and a mouse. Come a long way since then. Hope to move onto production later on. Early Mixologists is the platform for this to begin from.


Spins: Progressive House, Electro House, and a weeeeeeeeee bit of trance. I love trance I just don't find it fun to mix

Hails from: Denver, Colorado...That's whats up! I'm not really gangsta, but hey this place is going to be big one day.

Gear: 2x Stanton C.324's and 1x M.212 Mixer. Worst setup I ever bought, but it's a beginners setup.

I've played the (at the time) #1 club in North America, and current it is #2. I play raves, after hours clubs and main stream clubs. I loving spinning...sooooooo much. Making people move to the music is amazing. My current huge project is more on the promotion and management side, I'm working with a partner of mine to bring massive headliners and throw a 15,000 person rave. The rave will happen, we're just hoping we can bring the sponsors required to pay for a venue and headliners for a 15,000 person rave. Never in my life has anything seemed so impossible, yet know it's going to happen.

So until this thing gets off the ground I'm just spinning local clubs and raves until this thing puts me on the map. Also...I want to help the people that helped, and supported me(includes EM) as much as I possibly can. So if I'm in a spot to get them to open for Armin, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Daft Punk...dead serious, I will.

Last but not least, I love producing music, even though I suck at it still.


Spins: House, Electro, Top 40, Hip-Hop & Reggae
Hails from: South Windsor, Connecticut
Gear: 2x Technics 1200, Behringer DDM4000, Technics RPDH-1200 Headphones, Serato SL1, 2x Mackie SRM450 v2.

DJing since early March '09 usually doing house parties and working to get a residency at a local bar downtown. I got into DJing watching the resident DJ's spin and loving what they created every night. The rest is history.

You need some MJamacation by Vtso4