Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanks for invitation!

Hey everyone, my name is Ross and I go by Anticitizen One. Thanks a lot of the invitation to this blog, hopefully I can contribute greatly. I go to Bowling Green State University in the United States along with DJ Empe. DJing right now is just a hobby but if I ever get the opportunity to play any major shows to get my name out I will take them.
I also do a radio show every week (or try to at least) at the schools radio station WBGU 88.1 FM. It's called Trance Paradigm and I play mainly trance and progressive but if I hear a track that isn't either and I like it, I will play it. I always record my shows and mixes and upload them to soundcloud, dropbox, or megaupload.

If you want to know more about me, send a friend request!
Just make sure you mention you're from Mixologists otherwise I may deny you.

Here are a list of my mixes and radio shows thus far:

Deathly Encampment (Mix)

If God Were a DJ (Jody Wisternoff tracks and remixes) (Mix)

Chapter 2 (Mix)

A progressive mix I threw together on April 16th

This is a random trance mix I did on the 23rd

Paradise 2: Tranquil and Serene (Mix)

Paradise (Mix)

Prefix (Mix)

Trance Paradigm 2-28-10 (Radio Show)

Electronic Enlightenment 2-20-10 with Anticitizen One and DJ Empe (Radio Show)

Trance Paradigm 2-14-10 (Radio Show)

Trance Paradigm 1-31-10 with a special mix from Nixphonic

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us (live recording)

See you around.

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