Friday, May 14, 2010

Been Busy, Now Back

The last few weeks of my life have been kind of hectic. I had exams and then moved into a house with some people. Until two nights ago I had not had a night of more than six hours of sleep in two weeks. Anywho, now in the downtime, I have had the chance to finally had a chance to get back to what I love most, the Starcraft II beta. No, haha just kidding (seriously though the beta is absolutely amazing fun), MUSIC!!!

I don't have any good mixes to show for you, you will have to trust me. But between these two tracks, you will be hearing about 30+ hours of time spent producing. So, enjoy.

Cheers to the Summer!

If You Would Come Back Home [Empē Remix] by DJ Empē

OK, sorry but I have to say something about this one. It's my FIRST legitimate intentional production that is for sheer personal expression. Though it is a WIP it's shaping up to be something I could be pretty happy about!
Eventually by DJ Empē

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