Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Soundcloud. . .again

Hey hey,

So, lately my inbox has been flooded with requests for more mixes. The previous statement is a total lie. Actually, nobody has requested more mixes, and in reality I don't think I've ever gotten an email from a fan through this site. Hahaha, anyway seriously though, I did make another soundcloud account, so now I'm up to three. necessary, maybe not but that gives me six hours of upload time, and to be honest, I'm trying to put up like 4 hours a week or so, I do in fact need more space.

Anywho, eventually I'll be a pretty big deal around here and people will care, so I'm just taking preemptive measures to ensure that I can in fact meet the demands of all my "raving" fanatics (see what I did there?)

Soundcloud accounts:

1) Empē - Productions, W.I.P.s, and clean mixes
2) Empē2 - Solid Mixes
3) Empē - Bad Mixes / Spontaneous Crap

. . .or at least I'll try to keep some categorical order ha!



  1. LOL, I was impressed when I first started reading, I was like "wow this guy has legit fans.."

    Yo you can upgrade your soundcloud by paying a bit,and then you get unlimited upload space, don't know if that'll be worht it or not for you, it might get rid of the annoyance of having to constantly delete and upload to different accounts?

  2. actually nvmd, I just checked the prices, and they are whack, yea best to just keep you using a bunch of free accounts haha.