Monday, March 22, 2010

Above & Beyond @ Necto

On occasion, venues relatively close (meaning 1-3 hours away) to this cornfield of nothingness host good clubs events with names worth caring about. Last night, was one of those nights. Kenneth Thomas came to Necto in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Certainly would have been worth the money and drive to see him alone. However, in addition to his playing, Above & Beyond was headlining the show! So, let me get this straight. . . $17 to see Kenneth Thomas who was voted number one DJ in detroit AND Above & Beyond voted the number four DJs in the world. I would be crazy not to go, even if it was on a sunday night.

So, we headed out of this flat landed swamp around 9pm to arrive at Necto for the last hour or more of Kenneth Thomas' set, which was truly amazing. The sound system was great and the music was greater.

Then ABOVE & BEYOND. I can't really describe the sounds. It just sounded so amazing. The entire night was the ups and uppers of great trance music. The builds gave me adrenaline rushes and the breaks gave me goosebumps. What a night. It was the kind of night that reminded and affirmed why I want to DJ and the atmosphere it presented was unforgettable. Here are a few videos I took of the night!
Sorry for the poor audio, it was with my phone
But all good things have to come to and end :(


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  1. kick-ass man, seems like it was a shitload of fun.