Sunday, March 28, 2010

The weekend....was sick!

hey there everyone! This weekend was insane.  On Friday I was doing a house party gig, which was tons of fun, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves so it made my night that much more enjoyable.  Unfortunately the party was halted halfway through due to a noise complaint...even though I was only using a 2.1 pc speaker set haha  I hope to never have to use such small powerless speakers ever again!  Gotta give a shout to HMC my mc for the night who, unfortunately could not use the microphone due to technical difficulties, almost lost all his voice yelling poor guy haha.

On Saturday I was djaying my residence's formal dance.  Lots of fun once again.  This time HMC had a real microphone and really got the crowd excited.

here are some pictures from the formal dance, unfortunately nobody was capable of taking pictures on Friday :(  HMC is wearing the funky vest, and David Kanters who featured in my song Rise is in the last picture.

all in all I'd say it was a good weekend, definitely got some offers to do house parties :P




  1. your soo sexy BMO

  2. yourr sooo hot BMO!!!!!!!
    cant wait until your next gig!

  3. Looks like a blast. Glad they both went well. I might have to pick up a bow tie now... haha.

  4. HAha bowties are a MCs best friend!

  5. @Vtso4 thanks man, haha yes a bow tie definitely catches ppl's attention.