Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Hip to the hop beats coming to you from Waterloo.

Here's a rap/ remix called Rise I produced with my main man HMC featuring David Kanters. Hope you like it.

Rise (BMO Remix) (Final Edit) by BMO



  1. good song, i like the flow and the beat, the singing course is a nice touch but the intro of "i will rise" is a little shaky might want to rerecord it, the rap is good lyrics, good rhythm and rhyme but it sounds kind of like talkin

  2. thanks for the feedback, me and my buddy HMC are going to re-do the song, and try to get his vocals a bit more in line with the beat at the beginning. What did you think of the volume of the voice?

  3. The beat and vocals are alright but the rap is a bit monotone. Sexy voice but needs more inflection.

  4. alright cool, thanks for the input. Will try to make changes to his voice.