Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New DJM 350 and CDJ 350 announced

Just found this, it's legit, another Pioneer unexpected release.


What do you guys think?



  1. to tell you the truth, it doesn't really seem all that different from the cdj-900, it seems like it basically does the same stuff. I guess I'd have to see some pictures or videos to really gauge how much better/ worse/ different from their other products it really is. As for the DJM 350, I honestly have no idea how good their mixers are so I couldn't say anything on that topic, basically when I use a mixer now, it's pretty much just used as a medium from which i connect my computer to speakers.

  2. The design actually looks good but it ultimately looks like its geared towards the DJ Hero generation. The Auto-Sync feature seems like a cheat for anyone who doesn't know how to beat-match manually. It cheats anyone who's learned how to beat-match and it cheats beginners who think they are true DJ's. These seem like they could be contenders for the Numark NS7 but I don't think these are gig worthy. It seems like an almost identical copy of the CDJ-400's and DJM-400's. No XLR outputs is a huge design flaw for Pioneer. I think this is a step in the wrong direction for DJ's who've learned the trade but I think Pioneer is riding the DJ Hero train as far as it'll take them. $$$$.
    Good find Sappho. Keep us updated.